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Welcome to the Summer Quarter at MAI. We are excited about the new beginnings and renewed committment to the "pusuit of excellence" in regards to the study of music.
      Offerings for the Summer Quarter:
Private Instruction
Piano                    Guitar               Vocal
Violin                    Viola                  Cello
Bass                      Bass Guitar    Trumpet
Trombone           Tuba                 Saxophone
Flute                     Clarinet          Drums
Register today; we have open enrollment for these classes. Private Lessons begin as low $30.00. Scholarship assistance is available. Register today!!!!!

       Musical Arts Institute

        Winter Quarter 2018 

    January 8th -  March 26th


Muscial Arts Institute Maestros 400

Musical Arts Institute is a Top Rated Non Profit Organization  for the THIRD  Consective year in a row.


You Can Make A Tranformational impact on a MAI students

There are many Chicago schools cuts to music education programs, thousands of children are without access to musical education. Since our establishment in 2010, Musical Arts Institute continues to provide high-quality music education through our programs. We rely upon the generosity of individuals, foundations and businesses who understand that music changes lives; empowering the children, families and communities in which they live. We are seeking 400 individuals or groups that will partner with us During our "Maestros" campaign. From May 15th till August 30 we will call on the support of all of our friends, well wishers. We seek partners who will be monthly supporters. Will you help keep our legacy strong? Donate now, and your donation will directly impact a student today:

Art Norman and the NBC5 Chicago news station did a story on The Musical Arts Institute and its directors Michael and Lana Manson. Here's the MAI story.

A unique view into the Musical Arts Institute. This video shows what the MAI does, it's vision for the students, instructor and student perspectives and a thank you for your continued support.

Musical Arts Institute is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations are fully tax deductible.  

Thank you for your support.






Congratulations to MAI student Jarad Draper for being choosen to participate in the Illinois Music Educators District 1 Jazz Band and Concert Band. Awesome Job!!!! 

He will be attending the Southern Illinois University studying Music . 

 Congratulations to MAI Alumni Julian Otis on completing his Masters of Music degree from Northwestern Univ. We wish Julian well on his endeavors and projects, knowing that he has all the tools that he need in order to succeed. Student of Lana Manson

Anchor 1

Congratulations to MAI Alumni and MAI instructor Whitney Morrison for winning the Lyric Opera Institute to further her education and artistry.

Congratulations to MAI student Michelle Manson for honorable mention performances in both the Walgreens National Concerto and the Depaul University Concerto Competitions as well as being choosen to participate in the Illinois Music Educators All State Honors Orchestra. Awesome Job!!!!

Congratulations to MAI student Alicia Gartley for being choosen to participate in the Illinois Music Educators District 1 Concert Chorus. Awesome Job!!!!  She will be attending Belmont College in TN. Studying Music Performance. 

Thank You for your support of the Musical Arts Institute Gala Concert featuring Maysa, Jonathan Slocomb 


MAI Drum Line

MAI Jazz Improv Class


MAI String Ensemble

The Musical Arts Institute is Proudly Supported By:

Musical Arts Institute is awarded one of the top non profits in the country, based on community service and financial resposibilty.  The Musical Arts Institute is partically funded by a grant provided by the Illinois Arts Council.

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