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January 13, 2024
7 PM to 11 PM
Loews Hotel 
   5300 River Rd 
  Rosemont, IL 



MAI's Dream Big Gala is an annual event dedicated to empowering the dreams of
children in our community. This grand celebration brings together individuals,
organizations, and philanthropists who share a common vision of nurturing the talents
and aspirations of young minds. With its enchanting atmosphere and unwavering

commitment to children's growth, the Dream Big Gala has become a much-
anticipated event that ignites hope and transforms lives.


Studies Show...

Our Why

Music education can have a particularly positive impact on children in urban areas. 

Academic Enrichment: Music lessons can enhance cognitive skills, such as improved memory, attention, and language development. This can positively impact academic performance, helping children excel in other subjects as well.

Emotional and Social Development: Music lessons provide a creative outlet for self expression and emotional exploration. They can also foster social skills, teamwork, and collaboration when children participate in ensembles or group activities.

Increased Resilience:  In urban communities that may face socio-economic challenges or limited resources, music lessons offer a form of positive engagement and personal growth. Learning music can instill discipline, perseverance, and a sense of accomplishment, helping children develop resilience and overcome obstacles

Cultural Expression and Identity: Music is often deeply rooted in cultural traditions and heritage. By engaging in music lessons, children in urban communities can connect with their cultural roots, preserving and celebrating their identity.

Equal Access to Opportunities: Music education can provide children in urban communities with equal access to opportunities that may otherwise be limited. It offers a platform for personal growth, exposure to different musical styles, and potential pathways to higher education or careers in the music industry.

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Honorary Chairperson

Karen Freeman-Wilson, the President and CEO of the Chicago Urban League, is known for her notable achievements in public service. She served as the first female mayor of Gary, Indiana, from 2012 to 2019, breaking barriers as the first African-American female mayor in the state. During her mayoral tenure, Freeman-Wilson accomplished significant milestones such as job creation, overseeing a $100 million airport runway relocation, and spearheading key urban development initiatives. Her dedication extends to national platforms, having held positions like Indiana Attorney General, Director of the Indiana Civil Rights Commission, and presiding judge of the Gary City Court. FreemanWilson is also recognized for her leadership as the President of the National League of Cities and Chairperson of the Criminal and Social Justice Committee of the U.S. Conference of Mayors

Notable Performances

Jeffrey Osborne

Jeffrey Osborne, born in Providence, Rhode Island, was
surrounded by music growing up. His father was a popular
trumpeter and some of his siblings had music careers. At 15,
he played with the O'Jays and was inspired to pursue music.
He joined Love Men Ltd. and eventually became the lead
vocalist of the band, which later changed their name to
L.T.D. After more than ten years, he pursued a solo career
and produced hits such as "On the Wings of Love" and "You
Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song)." He has received four
Grammy nominations and has released several albums,
including "Worth It All" in 2018. He actively performs and
tours around the world and founded The Jeffrey Osborne
Foundation and the Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity Classic to
benefit non-profit organizations that support music and arts
for children and families in need.

Marqueal Jordan

Marqueal Jordan, a Los Angeles native who now calls
Chicago home, is a highly accomplished musician
known for his remarkable achievements. From being a
sought-after performer in various musical styles to
fronting acclaimed bands like Fat Time and Starcandy,
As a solo artist, Marqueal released the well-received
albums "Catalyst" and "Intention & Purpose," earning
two Top 20 hits on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Singles

Michael Manson

Michael Manson is a talented and experienced musician
known for his work in various genres including classical,
jazz, gospel and R&B. With a solid Christian philosophy,
he believes that music is a gift meant to serve others and
give back to the community. His solo debut album, "The
Bottom Line," showcased his passion and precision,
earning him recognition as a premier jazz artist. In his
latest release, "A Ray of Hope," Manson collaborates with
renowned musicians in the smooth jazz genre,
delivering a mix of contemporary jazz, R&B, and gospel.

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Ambiance and MAI Student Performances

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