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June 9th, 2024
4 PM
St Thomas Lutheran Church
8000 S Jeffery Blvd
Chicago, IL 60617

The Celebration of Musicians of Color In The Fine Art Of Music

Free Admission, Donations will be accepted and encouraged.

Recognizing Fantastic Accomplishment


The Heritage Concert is an event recognizing the accomplishments of MAI Graduates and Alumni Graduates.  We dedicate this night to honoring their prowess and contribution to the arts.














We acknowledge that classical music belongs to all people, and that people of African descent have played an important role in classical music for centuries.

We seek to share our love of classical music with everyone, especially with people of African descent, many of whom are unaware of or have forgotten the African-American community’s rich classical music heritage and legacy.

We support efforts to increase the participation by people of African descent in classical music for the music’s ability to enrich the lives of individuals and communities and as an addition to our community’s already rich musical culture.

We support many of the classical music field’s efforts to be more inclusive, and specifically, to increase the participation of musicians of African descent, but affirm that we do not exist solely to provide a solution to a problem that we, as a community of musicians of African descent, did not create.



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Free Admission, Donations will be accepted and encouraged.


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